July 2009

Vibration Sensation!

One of many uses for the foam roller.

One of many uses for the foam roller

In a recent blog, I wrote about using a bear vault as a foam roller for self myofascial release while in the backcountry. Another tool that has been on the market for years for myofascial release is a vibrating wand or “The Thumper”. Perform Better now has a new product that combines BOTH tools, the Vibraroll.

The Vibraroll is the same as a foam roller, but has a vibrating unit built in the center of it, thus creating even more blood flow to muscles and tendons to increase healing and recovery. I find this to be a nifty tool, especially for the hard-to-tenderize IT Bands.

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of the foam roller. Now, I’m a bigger fan of the Vibraroll. Better yet, it’s on sale until the end of September!

The New Vibraroll

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Cycling and Recycling

Recycle Your Old Cycling Tubes!



I recently attended a graduation in Pleasant Hill, CA and their teacher of the year was a science teacher with long, unruly hair and cowboy boots. He gave a send-off speech to the graduating seniors and repeatedly spoke about the future and the environment. His motto: “Everyday is Earth Day”.

Press Play and Innersport will continue to do their part in “Everyday is Earth Day” as we will now be collecting old tubes and shipping them up to Cycle Dog.

A canine product company, Cycle Dog, in Portland, Oregon found a creative way to recycle old cycling tubes. They make dog collars and leashes out of the rubber, which keeps the tubes out of the landfills. You can visit their website at: www.cycle-dog.com.

If you have old cycling tubes, please feel free to drop them off at Innersport, located at 1250 Addison St. Suite 102, Berkeley, CA 94702. If we are not in the office, you can leave them outside our door.

Have a creative way to recycle cycling tubes? We’d love to hear about it. Comment on this post so we can all learn more ways to help the environment.

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Tour de France

Cyclists in Tour de Amgen

Cyclists in Tour de Amgen


Warm days + sun + long days + Tour de France= CYCLING FEVER!

Yes, my patients got it, I got it, friends got it. We were bit by the bug that carries cycling fever. I’ve been noticing people’s comments on Facebook about the Tour, Lance Armstrong, and their own training rides. Here at Press Play Analysis and Innersport, we have started a cycling club called the Berkeley Billy Goats to ride the Waves to Wine in September while raising money for Multiple Sclerosis.

We had a very successful first ride last Saturday as we had two different routes posted at: http://pressplaylab.com/team/berkeley-billy-goats/

Or click here

As you can see, we are training in the hills because the Waves to Wine Ride has over 5,000 feet of climbing. Also, because in Berkeley, we really have no choice.

Want to join the Berkeley Billy Goats? Click here to register, we have ONLY 5 SLOTS left!

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