December 2014

Top Ten Gifts for Triathletes

Give the Gift of a PR!

Dynamic Measurements

Tri bike fit

Not only is triathlon an expensive sport, it is also a lifestyle.  Some feel it’s a necessity to swim, bike, and run in life.  Let’s face it… there are many worse things to which to be addicted.  So why not support a healthy lifestyle by giving that someone special a tri gift?  This list is certainly not limited to all fun potential triathlon gifts.  We decided to dig deep and come up with gifts triathletes may not have or buy for themselves.

You’ll see we are biased towards some services below.   There is a reason for that… we believe them to be the best investments for triathletes to perform optimally and injury-free and that is why we provide them in our clinic year-round.


10.  Waterproof iPod Shuffle – no case necessary!

9.  Power trainer such as the Computrainer or Wahoo Kickr… or Rollers

8.  Non-BPA water bottles

7.  Compression Boots or EMS (muscle stim/recovery)

6.  Triathlon Coaching

5.  Lactate Testing

4.  ART  ( or Massage Package

3.  Bike Fit

2.  Run Analysis

1.  Kona Ironman Championships Lottery Ticket


Happy Holidays!


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