Free Week

Indoor Cycling Class

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Free Indoor Cycling all this week!

New to Indoor Cycling?  Try for free this week and learn the benefits of using Computrainers during training.

Why Indoor Cycling:

  • Indoor Cycling Coached Workouts

    Copyright © 2015 Jessica Greaux Photography

    Makes the most use of your limited training time.  Classes early morning and late evening during poor visibility hours.

  • Structured workouts to bring you more power and increase your lactate threshold.
  • Our training programs are created by certified USA Cycling and Triathlon coaches.
  • Certified USA Cycling and Triathlon Coaches on staff.
  • Fun, motivating, social environment.
  • Allows you to adhere to your training program when weather is undesirable.
  • Boom, boom, boom – Great music to get you pumped!
  • For all levels.  Ride at your own power and abilities.  No waiting and no dropping!
  • Organic coffee next door (Coming soon…our own Espresso and drip coffee.)


  • Bike (wipe rear tire and remove glass.  Pump up rear tire.)
  • Shorts/Bib
  • Water bottles with your choice of electrolytes, filled
  • Nutrition
  • 2 gym towels
  • Extra Skewer (we have some to loan for this first week)
  • Your enthusiasm!

Sign up here for this week’s classes.    Guaranteed to get your sweat on!

Are you a coach or part of a triathlon/cycling team and would like to utilize the studio for special workouts?  Contact Dr. Jess at  if interested.

Indoor Cycling Computrainer Class

Copyright © 2015 Jessica Greaux Photography


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