I don’t live in the Bay Area, can I upload my video? 

     Yes, we have the ability for you to upload your video for analysis.  Please contact Dr. Jess at drjess@pressplayanalysis.com to learn how to get setup for that feature.  

I am currently injured and cannot bike without pain.  Can you still do the cycling and running analysis?

     Yes, we can do the biomechanical analysis and dynamic movements to learn WHY you are injured.  If you are able to perform your sport without limping or compensating for a short time, then we can videotape you run and bike.

Do you videotape other sports?

     Yes, we can videotape most sports.  Please email us at drjess@pressplayanalysis.com to inquire about various other sports.

Do you give discounts if we have more than one sport to analyze?

     Yes, we do discounts for multi-sports.  Please see our Triathlon Analysis or Pricing Page.

Will you speak with my “sports team members” to discuss my analysis so they can have a better idea of how to treat the dysfunctions?

     Yes, we would be more than happy to discuss our findings with your sports medicine practitioner and/or coach or trainer.  Please be sure to discuss this at your meeting so we can have you fill out an authorization to release form allowing us to discuss your analysis with them.