Lactate Threshold Testing

Blood Lactate Threshold is the best predictor of race performance!

Lactate vs. Power vs. HR
HR vs Lactate vs Time

HR vs Lactate vs Time

Benefits of Blood Lactate Threshold Testing:


Lactate Threshold Analyzer

What is Lactate Threshold?

Lactate Threshold is the maximum steady state effort that can be maintained without lactate continually increasing.  Train above the Lactate Threshold and you will bonk, overtrain, or not gain the benefits of training in the first place.    Train suboptimally and your performance will not improve.   Your body naturally produces lactate as you train from which it can conveniently create more glycogen to fuel your muscles.  However, this isn’t an instant process.  If you use up too much glycogen before your body can reproduce it from lactic acid you will unfortunately, bonk.  Hence, it’s essential to know your own personal lactate threshold for training and racing to perform optimally and avoid overtraining and the dreaded bonk.  Take the guesswork out of training zones!

The Process  lactate

The test is conducted in our office using atreadmill or a CompuTrainer measuring power (bring your own bike).  At specified intervals our staff will record your heart rate via a heart rate monitor, blood lactate level using a finger prick and resistance in power or speed. Following the test, our coaching staff will review the results with you and determine training zones and race strategies based on the data collected.


Bioharness with Heart Rate, Breath Rate, Accelerometer, ECG

What to Bring

Depending on the discipline being tested, bring your bike, bike shoes, bib/shorts, heart rate monitor, heart rate strap, running shoes, shorts, and socks.  For accurate data, we suggest you not exercise 3 days before the test as you should feel recovered from your last workout.





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