Performance Nutrition Testing

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Not feeling like you have energy to train?  Feeling run down? Are you finding your power, heart rate, or endurance isn’t where it should be?

Nutrition for Women

Press Play is dedicated to optimizing performance.

Nutrition Test for Athletes

We know the importance of balanced nutrition for performing optimally.  That’s why we believe in using science to test each individual to learn exactly what you need more of, less of, and what you need to maintain from nutrition and lifestyle choices.  We all come from varied backgrounds with specific nutritional and sleep needs.  Our nutritional testing is based on biomarkers from your own blood so each test and solution is individualized and tailored to your specific needs.


The Proof is in Your Blood

The blood test consists of testing 20-30 biomarkers for Inflammation, Energy and Metabolism, Bone and Muscle Health, Brain and Body, Minerals, Strength and Endurance, Oxygen and Performance, and Liver Health.   This is not your run of the mill blood test you get at the doctors where your results are within normal or not, testing for disease.  The Inside Tracker results will not only determine if you are within normal limits, but it will determine if you are within an optimal range for sport.


London Broil


Once you receive your results, you will learn exactly which foods you need to eat more or less of to maximize performance, health, and adequate recovery.  You will also learn if you need to add lifestyle changes such as more sleep, meditation, and yoga.   You will be able to share your results with your coach and medical practitioner.


We’ve partnered with Inside Tracker to provide the best test, results, and solutions for athletes.

Why Inside Tracker?

Simply because Inside Tracker is evidence-based.  IT has accumulated over 1,000 research articles to bring you the most up-to-date nutritional science from biomarkers to the food on your plate to sleep regulation.

The Benefits:

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