Lactate and Power Threshold Testing

Lactate Testing + Analysis$175

  • Includes Lactate Threshold Test, Analysis, and HR or Power zones established

Lactate Testing No Analysis$99

  • Includes Lactate Threshold Testing and Data

Run Analysis

Basic Run Analysis w. Video$250

  • Includes: video, foot pressure sensors, and sEMG, first gait retraining lesson

Run Analysis w. EMG Hip Strengthening$450

  • Save! Includes: same as Run Analysis plus 4 visits of sEMG assisted glute and hip strengthening exercise sessions

Bike Fit and Cycling Analysis

Cycling Analysis$350

  • Same as the professionals get: Saddle and Foot Pressure Sensors, Dartfish Video Analysis, Force Analysis, Orthotic, Shim, Wedge Screening, Cleat Alignment, Pedal Stroke Analysis, Adjustments and Recommendations, Fit Sheet, Biomechanical Exam

Pro Fit w. sEMG$425

  • Pro Fit + sEMG analysis of muscle firing patterns

Two Bike Fit$525

  • Pro Fit for two bikes at the same time of service

Triathlon Analysis

Triathlon Analysis$550

  • Bike and Run Analysis

Two bike Triathlon Analysis$725

Gait Retraining

Gait Retraining Basic$300

  • 4 gait retraining sessions with Dr. Jess

Run Analysis + Gait Retraining$600

  • Thorough run analysis service, plus 4 thirty min gait retraining sessions with Dr. Jess, post run analysis sEMG test

One Gait Retraining Session$85

  • One gait retraining session with Dr. Jess